Tricobiotos for the environment

Energy management

For the purpose of environmental sustainability and the use of alternative sources of energy, Tricobiotos Spa, has installed an innovative photovoltaic system to reduce its establishment's energy consumption.
The system, built only with materials manufactured in Europe, makes it possible to reduce pollution by diminishing emissions of carbon dioxide and of other pollutants that contribute to increasing greenhouse gas.
Tricobiotos Spa therefore worked with the Campinoti&Bozzoni Spa company to carry out an important project involving a new approach to doing business and showing our serious commitment to respecting the environment and our human resources.


Environmental impact, respect of the individual, natural and genuine raw materials and ingredients, compliance with applicable legislation, ethics and a particular focus on packaging... these values are the hallmark of our company. Without a sound policy for prevention and respect of the environment and the individual, research and innovation lose much of their real significance.