Research & development


Tricobiotos is a company that looks towards the future and boasts some of the world's most hi-tech chemical and research and development laboratories. We are constantly looking out for new solutions to create top-quality, technical formulas. Careful monitoring of innovations offered by the international chemical industry and meticulous analysis of the exigencies of the hair care cosmetics market guarantee the success of products capable of fully satisfying client needs, both from a technical and commercial point of view. Experimentation, performance and tailor made products are our driving force.

Science & technology

n our laboratories we carefully study dynamics regarding hair and the constant stress it is subjected to. Our cosmetic products treat both the causes and symptoms with specific hi-tech formulas. Healthy hair, a fundamental condition
for a sensation of complete well-being, is our primary and key objective, which we aim to achieve thanks to our “care, protection, respect” formula. Tricobiotos is constantly searching for new ingredients, innovative formulas and targeted solutions, in order to create products that are increasingly functional.

Design & marketing

Scientific research, marketing and design and the sales department work in close collaboration through constant dialogue, as Tricobiotos has developed in-house all the expertise and know-how necessary to target full client satisfaction. Collaboration between various sectors is one of our company’s key strengths:
the various departments define the main characteristics of the product to be created - from the formula to packaging, from marketing to communication - so that it can be introduced correctly onto the market. Visual merchandising, banners, stimulating moods, packaging and display racks, the press and the website; nothing is left to chance in order to support and promote Italian style and creativity.