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Thanks to its long-standing experience in the research and production of professional cosmetics for hair and not only, Tricobiotos offers the ideal solution for those who wish to develop and create Private Label products. The target group, market, fashion trends in the hairstyling sector and the client's reality and expectations are all factors that are studied and analyzed in-depth following an open and stimulating dialogue carried out in a friendly atmosphere. Oriented towards offering a full service, Tricobiotos designs the products with the client, defining every single detail from the characteristics of the formulas (appearance, functional active principles and fragrance) to packaging, image, production methods and legislative aspects. A tried-and-tested method to create a product that is guaranteed to be successful.


The consultancy offered by Tricobiotos in product development drives it to identify the best solutions, in virtue also of a comprehensive relationship based on collaboration and trust that Tricobiotos has with some of the leading suppliers in the sector. This means that all products created are designed to ensure the well-being of the final consumer. We offer our consolidated expertise and know-how in order to guarantee the personal and professional growth of every single operator or production reality, both in Italy and overseas.


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Hair cosmetics is a constantly evolving science. In order to create cosmetic products for hair that are really functional it is necessary to use latest generation ingredients and raw materials that guarantee top quality from a biochemical point of view. Tricobiotos has outstanding expertise and know-how on the use of the latest cosmetic ingredients and production methods and techniques. However, the cosmetic form cannot simply be considered the “container” of the cosmetic product
(for example, a lotion that contains functional substances), but the element that contributes towards the function the product is designed to carry out. That's why we believe the cosmetic form should be chosen on the basis of the type of product being created. In developing a cosmetic product various aspects, both subjective and objective, need to be taken into consideration. Over the years, Tricobiotos has developed a vast range of formulas capable of covering every market need and on request, can realize cosmetic products on the basis of formulas provided by the client too.


The Tricobiotos offer for the Private Label market concerns every aspect linked to research, design, production and packaging of both specific products for the professional sector and excellent quality products for the mass market. Tricobiotos is capable of covering the entire spectrum of hair cosmetics; on full service, on a subcontracting basis or in bulk. Below, merely by way of example, is a list of our main cosmetic products.

Hair care products for salons

Permanent oxidation colours in cream or gel form, with or without ammonia

Direct colouring products

Non-volatile bleaching powders and bleaching creams


Products for creating waves (permanent and fixing)

Straightening products

Styling products (hairsprays, gels, waxes, sprays, mousses, oils, etc.)

Treatment products (hair or scalp treatment shampoos, conditioners, conditioning masks, leave-in or rinse-off restructuring sprays, lotions in phials, fluids for split ends, etc.)

Dye remover wipes and barrier creams for colouring


Cosmetics legislation is a rather complex subject. Experts on the many and varied dynamics linked to the realization and distribution of hair products deal with all that is necessary for their correct marketing, both in EU and non-EU countries, in full compliance with existing regulations. Particular attention is focused
on the labelling of products, on the affixing of specific warnings and on anything else provided for by applicable law in the relevant geographical area. Tricobiotos internally handles the realization of dossiers, data specification and safety sheets, notifications to the Ministry of Health, the request for certificates of free sale, the issuing of certificates for good manufacturing practice and so on.