The premises in Vaiano have a production capacity of over 5,000 tonnes/year with a packaging unit capable of handling over 20 million pieces/year. This potential means we can be fast and flexible in order to satisfy a market that is increasingly looking for these important characteristics. We can produce any type of packaging and make even the most complex formulas.

Bulk production

The Bulk Production department boasts a vast range of homogenizers and mixers that permit the processing of various products that are structurally different. Our homogenizers are fitted with high speed turbines and heating systems and fine emulsions are dispersed and produced in an “atmospheric vacuum”. The department boasts an AISI 316 stainless steel circuit for
transporting osmotized water and other processing fluids. Sanitization is regularly carried out following procedures from the UNI EN ISO 90001/2000 Quality Certification manual. Alongside the production department is our Bulk Quality Control department, which deals with confirming production parameters prior to discharging preparations, filing samples of each lot and microbiological checks.


The equipment we use includes tube filling machines, cartoner machines, shrink wrappers, cellophane wrapping machines, filling machines, lid placing machines, labelling machines and inkjet codifying machines that are all hi-tech and offer versatile solutions. In fact, the department boasts lines with individual inkjet codifying machines and labelling machines. They are amongst the most innovative in the sector and are suitable for a vast range of containers.