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Tricobiotos SpA is a company that specializes in the production and marketing of cosmetic products for hair care and beauty. Innovation, excellence and an in-depth knowledge of the professional sector have permitted the company to grow constantly, both in terms of size and turnover and to assert its position on an international level. Today it is present in over 60 countries and is the only Italian company that sells its products exclusively through distributors. Prestigious brands, like Moroccanoil and L’ANZA, have chosen Tricobiotos as their exclusive partner in Italy, representing a new and formidable driving force for growth. The company boasts ISO:9001 certification for its research, development, production and marketing activities, as well as for providing professional services.


Founded in 1982 by Stefano Bertini and Marco and Mara Bucaioni, in 1984 the company launched “Blitz” onto the market, an organic hairspray that was hugely successful. In 1989 the company moved to the current premises in Vaiano where it developed a hi-tech production plant. The real turning point came in 1994 with the launch of “Selective Professional”, a brand now acknowledged by hairdressers worldwide as an ambassador for Italian excellence and style. In 1997, Tricobiotos flew across the Atlantic for its first non-European distributor. Dedicated to training in technique
and style, the Tricobiotos Academy was founded in 1999. In 2002 it became a joint-stock company and one of the market leaders. Since then new Selective Professional lines have been created, including “COLOREVO”, designed as a new way of conceiving colouring, “Now Next Generation”, a styling line to cover specific needs for all creative styles and “ONcare”, an innovative line of combined treatments. In 2010 and 2011 Tricobiotos became the exclusive distributor in Italy for Moroccanoil and L'ANZA, and a year later, 2012, for Kezy. In 2014 widen its product range introducing “Natural Flowers”, the natural product line dedicated to eco-friendly customers.

Around you

The foundations of our results are based upon the attention towards individuals, team and partners. This is a distinctive feature of our group. A model thinking aimed at fulfilling everyone’s needs, employees and customers, which has allowed us, throughout the years, to find the right solutions and to embark on successful and long-lasting relationships. For us, every operator, internal or external, is integral to the success of our “big professional family “.


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